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Dalmore 25 Year Old

Dalmore 25 Year Old

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Indulge in the extraordinary craftsmanship of The Dalmore 25 Year Old, a remarkable whisky distinguished by its innovative cask finishes. Master Blender Richard Paterson's creative vision guides the creation of this exceptional expression, showcasing unparalleled mastery in the realm of whisky making.

The journey begins with maturation in American white oak, followed by a unique divergence into two distinct paths: one embracing the richness of Palomino sherry butts and first-fill bourbon casks, while the other gracefully ages in bourbon barrels. These paths converge harmoniously, culminating in a final maturation within Tawny Port pipes, imparting profound depth and character.

The outcome is a whisky of unparalleled complexity and refinement, reflected in its deep golden amber colour. Each sip reveals a mosaic of flavours, a testament to decades of maturation and meticulous craftsmanship. The Dalmore 25 Year Old transcends convention, inviting enthusiasts to savour a whisky that epitomizes the pinnacle of artistry and innovation in the realm of single malt.

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