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Ardbeg Heavy Vapours

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours

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Heavy Vapours, a captivating creation from Ardbeg, represents the Islay distillery's whisky crafted without the constraints of its usual purifier. Unlike the standard procedure where vapours ascending the still are captured by the purifier on the lyne arm of Ardbeg's spirit still, this expression forgoes that step. Typically, the purifier captures and condenses heavier compounds, causing them to return to the still. The purified vapours then undergo reheating, initiating their ascent once again. While the usual purifying process imparts a floral fruitiness that complements the robust peatiness of the spirit, it has been intentionally omitted in the crafting of Heavy Vapours. This results in an unabashedly intense Ardbeg whisky, bottled without chill-filtration and boasting a formidable 46% alcohol by volume.

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