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Highland Park

Highland Park Fire Edition 15 Year Old

Highland Park Fire Edition 15 Year Old

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Encased in a specially commissioned crimson glass decanter, the 15 Year Old single malt pays homage to the Norse myth of Ragnarök, symbolizing the clash of fire and ice that marked the transition from the old world to the new. Highland Park takes a bold step with this expression, maturing it exclusively in refill Port-seasoned casks, a ground breaking choice for the distillery. The outcome is a dynamic whisky, radiating the natural hue of glowing flames.

On the palate, the whisky unveils a dance of flavours—damsons, cinnamon, dried fruit, and chocolate—before culminating in an intense and fruity finish. This innovative approach to maturation adds a distinctive character to the Highland Park 15 Year Old, creating a vibrant and memorable tasting experience that echoes the fiery spirit of Norse mythology.

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