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Isle of Raasay

Isle of Raasay Scottish Distillery of the Year Release

Isle of Raasay Scottish Distillery of the Year Release

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Discover the allure of Isle of Raasay Distillery's Limited Release, a celebration of their prestigious title as the 'Distillery of the Year' at the 2022 Scottish Whisky Awards. This exclusive expression, crafted on the scenic Isle of Raasay, reflects the distillery's commitment to Scotland's whisky legacy since its establishment in 2017.

A testament to meticulous craftsmanship, this unpeated spirit undergoes a dual maturation process. Beginning its journey in ex Four Roses bourbon casks, it then evolves through a second maturation in Quercus humboldtii oak. Impressively aged for 5 years, this whisky stands as the oldest release from Isle of Raasay to date.

Limited to just 9,500 bottles, each sip unveils a unique character that captures the essence of the distillery's dedication and the pristine landscapes that surround it. Immerse yourself in a whisky of exceptional quality, where tradition meets innovation in every carefully crafted drop.

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