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Macallan Colour Collection 18 Years Old

Macallan Colour Collection 18 Years Old

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The Macallan's dedication to Natural Colour and Sherry Seasoning takes centre stage in The Colour Collection, a celebration of craftsmanship and flavour. Aged for 18 years in American oak casks with a delicate European oak influence, The Macallan Colour Collection 18 Years Old boasts a rich, auburn hue derived from the harmonious interaction between the new make spirit and exceptional oak casks.

The oak casks utilized in this collection undergo seasoning with sherry wine from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, imparting distinctive flavours of vanilla, milk chocolate, orange, and honeycomb. Over the patient 18-year maturation period, the whisky draws out the nuances of American oak's lemon citrus and vanilla, European oak's dried fruits, spices, and orange citrus, and the sherry seasoning's almonds, toffee, dried fruit, and a hint of spice. The resulting flavour profile is a sweet and citric symphony with pronounced notes of sweet oak, clementine, and honeycomb.

Renowned Artist and Graphic Designer David Carson expertly captures the essence of Jerez de la Frontera's bodegas in the warm evening sun, against a backdrop of vineyards with chalk-white soil. This picturesque setting serves as the perfect environment to savour a dram of The Macallan, inviting enthusiasts to experience the unique character of The Colour Collection in every sip.

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