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Taketsuru (Nikka)

Nikka Taketsuru 21 Year Old

Nikka Taketsuru 21 Year Old

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Indulge in the extraordinary craftsmanship of Japanese whisky with Nikka Taketsuru 21 Year Old. This exceptional expression, named after the father of Japanese whisky, Masataka Taketsuru, is a testament to time and expertise. Aged for 21 years, this single malt whisky unveils a rich tapestry of flavours, seamlessly marrying malt and grain whiskies. Delight in the symphony of dried fruits, oak, and a subtle touch of peat, all culminating in a velvety, lingering finish. Nikka Taketsuru 21 Year Old is a rare and refined masterpiece, inviting you to savour the legacy and precision of Japanese whisky-making. Elevate your palate with the sophistication of this distinguished expression from the esteemed Nikka distillery.

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