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Springbank 18 Year Old

Springbank 18 Year Old

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Introducing Springbank 18 Year Old, a pinnacle of Scottish whisky mastery. This single malt, aged to perfection on the rugged shores of Campbeltown, boasts a harmonious blend of complexity and refinement. With 18 years of maturation, it delivers a rich tapestry of flavors, from subtle peat smoke to indulgent sherry sweetness. The palate dances with notes of dried fruits, oak, and a gentle coastal brininess, creating a truly distinctive and layered experience. As a testament to the traditional craftsmanship of Springbank Distillery, this 18-year-old expression invites you to savor a moment of exceptional Scotch whisky heritage. Elevate your tasting journey with the rare and distinguished character of Springbank 18.

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