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Togouchi Premium Blended

Togouchi Premium Blended

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Crafted from a blend of meticulously aged single malt distillate from Scotland and Canadian grain, our Togouchi Premium Whisky undergoes a unique finishing process in former Spanish sherry casks for an additional five years. Nestled within the Japanese mountain region of Chugoku Akiota Sanchi lies a historic railway tunnel, maintaining a constant temperature ideal for whisky maturation at 14 degrees Celsius. Unlike many blended whiskies, Togouchi Premium is left in its natural state, without artificial colouring or chill-filtering post-maturation, ensuring a pure expression of flavour.


Its aroma unveils a delightful blend of roasted grain, honeyed sweetness, and subtle nuttiness, leading to hints of chocolate and gentle smoke. On the palate, experience a soft and velvety texture accompanied by notes of chocolate, a touch of spice, and the inviting sweetness of vanilla and honey. The finish is a harmonious interplay of dryness, sweetness, and spice, making Togouchi Premium Whisky a perfect companion for whisky enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

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