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Yamazaki (Suntory)

Yamazaki Smoky Batch The First

Yamazaki Smoky Batch The First

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Introducing Yamazaki Smoky Batch The First, a limited edition single malt crafted at Yamazaki Distillery. This heavily peated expression, reminiscent of the esteemed Tsukuriwake 'Peated' edition of 2022, offers a subtly smoky flavour profile. With golden hues, notes of pineapple, honey, and a gentle smokiness, each sip captivates the senses. The finish leaves a lingering impression of faintly woody and peaty flavours. Encased in a limited-edition design featuring "Yamazaki" in brush-written characters on Echizen Washi, this whisky is a true testament to Japanese craftsmanship. Experience the allure of Yamazaki Smoky Batch The First—a blend of tradition and innovation.

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